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Thursday, June 10, 2010

EMHE Lake High School Nomination

Anyone who knows me and plenty of people who don't at this point know that my hometown was hit by several tornados over the weekend. My high school was destroyed as well just 12 hours before the class of 2010 was scheduled to graduate in the auditorium that is now in pieces. Five people died in the storms and more then 50 houses were completely leveled. With countless others damaged. I am not good at resting on my laurels and have felt rather useless here in Texas as my friends and family pick up the pieces of their lives. I had made several videos in the hopes of drawing attention to the situation and it went well, far better then I anticipated the first 2 days I got over 30k viewers. Then, I decided to do this... I'm sending in a nomination for Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Only I'm sending it in for the school. The communities there were devastated and I simply couldn't choose between so many deserving families. Times like this have made me nostalgic for my small town lifestyle. Here is the video I am sending in. I have already made the nomination and have posted a few other videos showing the storm damage, and a memorial for those that lost their lives. I had asked people to write a few things that Lake meant to them and I have to say I was impressed by so many responses. Anyway watch the video, and let's hope Ty does too!

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