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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letter to the Editor

Recently, as everyone knows Lake High School and NW Ohio were ravaged by tornadoes. I have been here in Texas far away from my home. I can't describe the heart wrenching feeling you have with such a profound loss, and I am far from the most effected. My family and friends are safe as are their homes. The people in Lake Township have all lost something, though it is tempered by hope and love. The community is an extended family like I have never seen before. Helping each other without question, without expectation, and with complete selflessness. A common thread within this family is Lake High School. No matter where the alumni are in the world too see it's destruction was devastating. It has been the tie that binds. Shaping us into the people we have become, and from where I sit they are some incredibly amazing people. They have risen to heights I wasn't sure still existed. I am profoundly thankful to find out they still do. I don't want to imagine next years seniors being separated from their school and possibly their friends. I nominated Lake High School for Extreme Makeover Home Edition. They deserve it for reminding all of us how sincere and loving people can be, and for making us all wish we were back at home, not a house, but with our community and school which has without a doubt been a home to all of us.

It has been to me,


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