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Thursday, June 24, 2010

What happened to helping Main Street?

Main Street in Millbury Ohio After Tornadoes Struck

On June 5th 2010, my hometown and high school were destroyed by tornados. Six people lost their lives due to the storm. Over 50 homes were completely leveled an many more were severely damaged. Lake High School was hit just 12 hours before graduation was to take place in the auditorium that is now rubble. Lake has been declared a total loss. The community has come together in ways none of us could have expected. Hundreds of volunteers flocked in to help clear debris. Many people started fundraising events and the school has been nominated for the show Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Today I was sadly enough, not shocked, when after a near three week wait FEMA turned down Ohio Governor Strickland's request for emergency assistance. U.S. Representative Bob Latta says his office received a copy of a letter to Governor Strickland Thursday afternoon. Latta said the letter had just arrived in his office and he read a portion of it that stated:

"The damage is not of severity and magnitude as to be beyond the capabilities of the state, affected local governments and voluntary agencies."

Residents there are outraged at the lack of support. Latta said, "I'm pretty much shocked. I've been to the communities. It was the worst disaster I've ever seen."Many have said that if it were a different country they would have helped immediately. I have to agree. If it had been a bank or a business the government would be signing bills to help them stay afloat. So what happened to helping Main Street? A sad irony, the street hit the worst by these tornados is in fact, Main Street. So many promises have been made but our county is tired of excuses and talk. When are we going to help our fellow citizens? When are we going to see our government take care of problems at home?

NW Ohio is a wonderful community and are being punished because they are responsible tax paying Americans. Ninety Five percent of them kept insurance on their houses and when this happened they came out in hundreds to help each other. Lake High School is in pieces and they are saying the insurance they have for that is not going to cover everything. No one is asking for a handout but this is a disaster and should have been treated as such. If our government refuses to help us we will stand together as one and help ourselves. It's just sad that were we a corrupt corporation or a disaster in another country, money and support would be immediate from our government.


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  1. That is F***K UP. How can they say that..they need to come here and see the areas and tell me to my face that it is not severe enough...what should it have been..gone..that is the government..spending money are things that we do not need than things that are needed to be done.

  2. Oprah may help NW Ohio Kranz family after Lake High School's valedictorian, Katie Kranz's father was killed in the tornado that destroyed the school and at least 50 other homes. The tornados hit just 12 hours before graduation was to begin at LHS.

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    FEMA however has denied funding to the area: